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About Us

Dashmesh Transport was established and founded in 1970 by Late Sr. Gurdiyal Singh, keeping in mind a target to provide the best quality services in the fields of Trucking, Goods Career Services, Logistics Management, and later on, a truck workshop was established followed by an Automobile repair shop in years 1985 and 1999. By keeping honest as the only policy to work and with constant efforts of all team members the company has achieved many targets and risen many folds in a thus short period to till date. Looking behind we have a fleet of traditional and modern goods career vehicles, a team of technical experts to drive and maintain the assets of the organization, and our best award the bulk of satisfied customer who repeatedly give us a chance to serve them and we put in our best efforts to improve our reputation every time.

We at DTMS aspire to provide the worth of their money to our customers by sincere hard work in the job assigned to us. We look forward to a healthy business environment and a strong relationship with our clients. Our team has always provided us with support and timely efforts to take up and overcome all hurdles that come and go by.

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Since its inception, DTMS is dedicated to providing excellent transportation facilities to its clients for transporting their goods and essentials across the country by our latest and well-maintained trucks and equipment. No matter what the road limitations may be, how remote the area can be, and how bad the weather may be, our team never turns back from half the way. Instead, we make sure and safe delivery of our load to its destination. Our experienced team has the skills and potential to solve complicated logistics challenges, no matter the size and scope of a shipment or supply chain issue. We provide excellence in our services in the following modes of transportation.

  1. Pre-booking, after hours and on-call service
  2. Residential and warehouse deliveries
  3. Loading and unloading assistance
  4. Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight
  5. Weekend and holiday service
  6. Dangerous goods shipping
  7. Same day/hot shot service
  8. Flat Deck/Flatbed Service
  9. Small Parcel and courier


Truck Workshop

After successful establishment in the transportation business, we at DTMS opened our new venture as a Truck Workshop in the year 1985. It was initially planned to manage the repair and maintenance of our fleet of vehicles since these need intense care after making long runs across the country. But with time the small setup evolved into a fully furnished workshop for trucks and trailers where these can be looked after for every minor to major problems they encounter when en-route. At present we have expertise in following but not limited to procedures

  1. Electrical and Mechanical Repair & Maintenance of vehicles.
  2. Engine and Transmission Diagnostic, Tune-ups & Repair
  3. Air Brake System Repairs and Replacement
  4. Brakes, Suspension and Steering services
  5. Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance
  6. Transmission and Clutch Repairs
  7. Differential and Driveline Repairs
  8. Chassis, Panel, and Body Repair
  9. Safety and fitness Certification
  10. Fleet Service & Maintenance
  11. Hydraulic System Repairs
  12. Emission System Repairs
  13. Coolant/Radiator Service
  14. Exhaust / Muffler Repair
  15. Heating and AC Repair
  16. Tires/Wheels Service


Automobile Workshop

A new feather that added to our cap was an Automobile Workshop in 1999 after the huge demand of the modern client and market. Due to our prior experience in the Heavy-duty Trucking Workshop, we were easily able to work out an SOP for our new venture. In this department of ours, we do look forward to serving a very prestigious section of the society with the best quality service procedures and timely manners, such as

  1. Mechanical and Electrical Repairs of various make and models of cars
  2. Engine and Transmission Overhauling and Repair
  3. Steering, Suspension & Wheel Alignment
  4. Vehicle Maintenance & Inspections
  5. Batteries and Charging Systems
  6. Brake Service and Repair
  7. Exhaust System Repairs
  8. Cooling System Repairs
  9. Heating and AC Repairs
  10. Tires/Wheels Service


Contact Us

We have a group of dedicated and trained officials ready to answer your inquiries as to how we can assist you in meeting your business objectives. If you have any inquiries regarding the transportation of a load or mechanical services, please contact us either by phone or submit a query below. We look forward to helping you


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Contact No. : +91 9255555536
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